Here at SINISTER powersports we strive to provide the performance and professionalism that you deserve.

With a true passion for the sport and inside knowledge of the factories latest tricks, we can get you to that next level of your racing career.

There’s no secret that MX and XC racing are some of the fastest growing sports in the world, and today’s talented young riders are equal to what we saw only a few years ago at the professional level.

Whether you are on two wheels or four SINISTER powersports provides performance worthy of this new breed of racer.

Take a few minutes and check out our website, see what’s new and how we can help you achieve your dreams.

You can call us any time so we can explain our services or products and tell you how we can maintain | custom build your motor | suspension or build you that complete ride that you deserve.

We are committed to bringing you new possibilities that make your experience even more rewarding and enjoyable – one that you’ll remember always.

Engine Tuning & Suspension:

We provide comprehensive engine services with proven results. Every engine is different, so we evaluate and develop each one on an individual basis for your specific application, performance and service life goals.

You’ll get an engine that is custom built and tailored to meet your needs. Also, virtually all our performance related work is done in-house. This allows for closer monitoring and control over the more critical factors that affect performance and build quality.

SINISTER powersports also offer various suspension services including everything from fluid changes to custom re-valves for all types of riding or racing.

We specialize in Kayaba, Showa, WP, Ohlins, Elka, Axis, Fox, JRi, Exit, Motowoz, Extreme Tech and EMC Suspension many of which we are the ‘Sole Distributors’ of here in the UK.

Every rider is different and here at SINISTER powersports we will work with you to find out exactly what you need to get your suspension working the best for you, whether it is new springs, re-valving, or just an oil change, we have the means to get you the best setup.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ken Waring (Owner SINISTER powersports)

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