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For instance, SINISTER powersports Ltd are your official online source for all your Wrench Rabbit products here in the UK.

These kits include products from companies such as Hot Rods, Pivot Works, Hot Cams, Cylinder Works and Vertex.

Everything you require inside the one carton; all aftermarket components required for a complete and professional engine rebuild.

Kits include:

  • Vertex piston kit (standard compression piston, rings, pin and clips)
  • Hot Rods heavy-duty crank (stock stroke – includes wrist pin bearing for two strokes)
  • Hot Rods main bearing / seal kit.
  • Hot Rods transmission bearing kit (includes transmission bearings, output shaft collar and sprocket lock washer)
  • Hot Rods counter balancer bearing kit.
  • Hot Rods water pump bearing and seal kit.
  • Vertex complete gasket kit, including seals and O-ring kit (covers top and bottom)
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