Toomey Racing

Toomey Racing

Long live 2-strokes.

Toomey Racing are a purveyors of finely crafted, premium quality, highly engineered, beautifully designed, high performance racing exhaust systems for the Yamaha YFZ 350 Banshee and YFS 200 Blaster ATVs.

Because they love them so much Toomey Racing still produce their famous Yamaha RZ-350, RD-400 and RD-350 exhausts all updated with new technology, superior design and workmanship!

Toomey Racing products show an incredible rise in the level of performance in a totally comprehensive engineered kit form which includes all of the proper carburetion tuning parts, air filtration and tuning data to make your install simple, complete and perfect the first time, no guess work!

SINISTER powersports are proud to be able to say we are your official online source for Toomey Racing products here in the UK.

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