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Elka Stage 1 + Reb / Stage 1 + Hyd Can Am Spyder Rear Suspension

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  • Elka Stage 1 + Reb / Stage 1 + Hyd Can Am Spyder Rear Suspension

Elka Stage 1 Can Am Spyder Rear Suspension


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Elka quickly became one of the leading suspension manufacturers with their unique philosophy:

Every customer deserves the same high-quality products and attention as any professional racer, regardless of their riding abilities.

Elka believe that professional racers are not the only ones who deserve the performance of a custom-built suspension system.

What works for them should also be put to work for you.

We will be listing Elka Suspension for the following: Sport ATV, SxS, UTV, Snowmobile, Street Bike, Spyder & MTB.

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Take advantage of Elka’s tailored, state-of-the-art damping technology. 

You will enjoy a smooth, safe ride on all road surfaces, riding solo or two-up. Combining our knowledge and experience gained in ATV and Motorcycle applications, we have developed shocks setups to improve the performance and comfort of the popular Can-Am Spyder.

The Stage 1+R rear shock is our most popular model. They share the same components and benefits with our higher-end models, only with less adjustment. 

They offer adjustable preload of the spring (used to compensate for riding solo or two-up, with or without baggage) and rebound damping (to control traction). The spring is supplied in the proper rate for the rider’s weight.



Spring Preload.

Rebound Damping.


Why buy this model?

Most popular model in our line-up for riders on a budget.

Provides major improvements in performance and comfort.

Great balance between value, ease to use, and performance.



Tuning specifically optimized for the Can-Am Spyder.


Spring setup and rate according to your personal weight.


Durable and completely serviceable.


Threaded pre load adjustment.


Rebound damping adjustment.


Lightweight aluminium body.


Durable premium-quality seals, o-rings and wear bands.


Detailed CNC-machining work and smooth anodized finish.





Reduced body roll and front-end wandering.


Improved handling and better stability.


More precise direction.

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Abbreviations – Adjustments – Description:




RDH – Ride Height Adjustment – Allows fine tuning of the shocks extended length / chassis height / weight distribution.




PRE – Threaded Spring Preload – Allows fine tuning of the bikes ride height.




REB – Rebound Damping – Controls the speed at which the shock returns to its fully extended position after an impact or compression movement.




COMP – Compression Damping – Controls the overall level of resistance when the shock is being compressed (stiff or soft)




HSC – High Speed Compression Damping – Allows separate fine tuning of the level of resistance when the shock is quickly being compressed (cracks, potholes, road debris etc)




LSC – Low Speed Compression Damping - Allows separate fine tuning of the level of resistance when the shock is slowly being compressed (squatting under acceleration, undulations)




HYD – Hydraulic Preload Adjuster – Provides effortless fine tuning of the bikes ride height (SAG) using an hydraulic remote knob (10mm range)

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