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Elka Stage 4 Can Am Spyder Front Suspension

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  • Elka Stage 4 Can Am Spyder Front Suspension

Elka Stage 4 Can Am Spyder Front Suspension


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Elka quickly became one of the leading suspension manufacturers with their unique philosophy:

Every customer deserves the same high-quality products and attention as any professional racer, regardless of their riding abilities.

Elka believe that professional racers are not the only ones who deserve the performance of a custom-built suspension system.

What works for them should also be put to work for you.

We will be listing Elka Suspension for the following: Sport ATV, SxS, UTV, Snowmobile, Street Bike, Spyder & MTB.

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Please Note: Only Stage 5 Suspension comes with Elka Shock Protectors.

The Stage 4 model is a more affordable version of our top-end Stage 5 model, with which it shares most of the same components. 

The only difference is it is not adjustable in high-speed compression damping but rather features a unique factory-set internal high-speed compression blow-off circuit to relieve peak pressure upon impacts to achieve similar performance with factory-set damping resistance. 

The external reservoir and heavy duty deals can reliably withstand the abuse those big bore quads go through.


Intended use:

Fully adjustable high performance product

Designed for aggressive riding and for riders looking for complete control over their suspension without compromise


Threaded Spring Preload:

Lets the rider fine-tune the initial force applied on the springs and precisely balance the weight distribution across the front and rear wheels while setting up the ride height (ground or chassis clearance) and to lower or raise the vehicle to adapt to various situations or to suit your personal preference. 

Turn the preload adjustment ring clockwise (from top of the shock) to increase preload and raise the vehicle or turn counter-clockwise to reduce preload and lower the vehicle.

Low Speed Compression:

Allows fine-tuning of the damping resistance when the shock is being compressed slowly. 

This adjustment controls body roll when cornering, rear-end squatting under hard acceleration, front-end diving when braking, riding over whoops at moderate speed, undulations and elevation changes in the terrain. 

Turn the red knob clockwise to increase damping resistance, therefore making the suspension stiffer or turn counter-clockwise to reduce damping resistance, therefore making the suspension softer.


Controls the speed at which the shock absorber returns to its fully extended position after being compressed from an impact, keeping the wheels on the ground for maximum traction and reducing the bucking effect caused by the spring pressure pushing back after an impact. 

Turn the adjuster clockwise to slow down the rebound or turn counter-clockwise to speed up the rebound.

Elkas Unique Benefits:


Shocks are vehicle-specific.


Tuning is optimized for intended riding style.


Spring setup according to rider’s weight.


After-sales support directly from the manufacturer.






Superior performance and maximum comfort.


Wide range of highly effective adjustments.


Ultra-lightweight design, all components are optimized for weight savings.




Model Specific Technical Features:


High-flow hydraulic circuits and regulations with equivalent flow capacity upon compression and rebound stroke (1:1 ratio)


External reservoir to help prevent fading (piggyback on most vehicle models, remote reservoir on others)


Rider-specific spring setup optimized for customer’s intended use.




Standard Technical Features:


36mm inside diameter hard anodized aluminium body with integrated PTFE coating mated to low-friction internal components.


Sturdy 16mm induction hardened shafts.


Multi-seal, low-friction seal head design that prevents debris and water infiltration, therefore extending the shock life in harsh conditions.


Proprietary oil blend with ultra-low friction light viscosity grade which is ultra-resistant to high operating temperatures.


High-pressure nitrogen valve core design rated at over 800 psi to prevent nitrogen leaks from peak pressure generated upon major hits


Click For Owners Manuals - PDF.


Abbreviations – Adjustments – Description:




RDH – Ride Height Adjustment – Allows fine tuning of the shocks extended length / chassis height / weight distribution.




PRE – Threaded Spring Preload – Allows fine tuning of the bikes ride height.




REB – Rebound Damping – Controls the speed at which the shock returns to its fully extended position after an impact or compression movement.




COMP – Compression Damping – Controls the overall level of resistance when the shock is being compressed (stiff or soft)




HSC – High Speed Compression Damping – Allows separate fine tuning of the level of resistance when the shock is quickly being compressed (cracks, potholes, road debris etc)




LSC – Low Speed Compression Damping - Allows separate fine tuning of the level of resistance when the shock is slowly being compressed (squatting under acceleration, undulations)




HYD – Hydraulic Preload Adjuster – Provides effortless fine tuning of the bikes ride height (SAG) using an hydraulic remote knob (10mm range)

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