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Finally our new 'Retail Outlet and Service Centre' has opened and things couldn't have been busier.


Due to customer demand we were forced to move forward the opening of our own workshops and have been lucky enough to bring together a superb service team headed by our Qualified Service Technician Paul Henson and complimented by our in house suspension specialist Paul Martins and auto electrician Lenny all of whom have been with us from the opening day.


We now enter the market with the promise of quick and excellent SVA testing, superb race preparation, service and repair - these new lines of business are now the way forward for SINISTER powersports.


With over 1100 sq feet of 'Service Centre’ with two dedicated service bays complete with lifts and individual tooling for each bay, we are happy to help with all two and four wheelers.


Our Qualified Service Technician will be on hand to help with any service or repair to your road or off road vehicle.


SINISTER powersports have huge stocks of OEM, (genuine) service and aftermarket performance parts from all of the industry’s leading manufacturers:


We hope to continue to offer excellent customer service while placing your needs above all else and to continue to expand our aftermarket performance ranges to include more amazing products from Europe and America.


We have a massive selection of service parts for two wheel and four - aftermarket and OEM that are always in stock so no problems replacing bearings and seals, pads, chains, sprockets, grips, wheels and tyres etc on a Friday afternoon.


We try to hold as much product in stock as we know you need things now and that next day delivery is not always good enough (if it ever turns up, mmmh). We currently hold a massive selection of products (rising due to the size of our new retail outlet) with aftermarket performance parts from most of the major brands making us one of the most complete Powersports retail outlets on the UK market today.


SINISTER powersports now offers a full service ATV / UTV / Dirtbike facility with savings of 10% to 20% on service costs compared to dealership pricing.


We take great pride in providing you with the most reliable and powerful products and service in the industry. We have available all ATV OEM and high performance parts and services.


We now offer a full service facility for all your powersports needs.


Here at SINISTER powersports we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and high standards which only come with years of experience and a true love of the sport.


We have a very simple business model:

Leave your repair in our ‘Service Centre’ for a free estimate (usually done the same day or next). If you are happy with our estimate and wish for us to continue simply pay for the parts you require, we will start your repair once your parts have arrived and you pay the quoted labour charge once complete – before but collection (estimates sometimes change as work unfolds but we always make an effort to contact and advise)


Anyone bringing in a machine for a free estimate, deciding not to have us carry out the work and then failing to collect their machine will incur a £25.00 per day storage fee after 48 hours – sounds harsh but these repairs are in our way and on our insurance.

Repairs brought in and completed but not collected incur a £25.00 per day storage fee after 48 hours – again sounds harsh but these completed repairs are in our way and on our insurance – sorry but this is final.


Some of our services:

From top end rebuilds:


Do you have problems with your cylinder, re-plating, repairs, boring out, repair detonation or re-building skirt?


Just strip down the cylinder and send it in along with your contact information, work takes around one week (two if busy) - we can also supply you with new a piston (stock or hi compression) and gasket sets.

Why not go all the way and add up rated cams, also available here at SINISTER powersports for the ultimate performance from your ATV.



Straight re-plate:

  • Single cylinder - £126.00 inc deliveries.
  • Twin cylinder - £177.57 inc deliveries.
Repair and re-plate:


  • Single cylinder  - £162.00 inc deliveries.
  • Twin cylinder (repair on one) - £213.00 inc deliveries.
  • Twin cylinder (repair on two) - £248.40 inc deliveries.


Bore out and re-plate:


  • Single cylinder - £162.00 inc deliveries.
  • Twin cylinder (bore on both)  - £248.40 inc deliveries.

Repair detonation and re-plate:


  • Single cylinder - £183.00 inc deliveries.
  • Twin cylinder (repair on one) - £235.00 inc deliveries.
  • Twin cylinder (repair on two) - £289.00 inc deliveries.

Rebuild skirt and re-plate:



  • Single cylinder -  £185.00 inc deliveries.
  • Twin cylinder (repair on one) - £236.00 inc deliveries.
  • Twin cylinder (repair on two) - £289.00 inc deliveries.



For any other prices not mentioned above please contact us for further details.

Prices listed are correct as 20 July 2011 but we reserve the right to change prices without notice.

Return Delivery charges included.



Ultrasonic carburrettor cleaning:


The process cleans both the external and internal areas of the carburettor and its jets, removing fuel that has 'gone-off' and also carbon deposits hence improving performance.

This process will not remove rust or staining of the carburettor, but the cosmetic appearance can be improved by vapour blasting the outside of the carburettor prior to this process.

After Ultrasonic cleaning, we dry the item and coat with ACF50


Carb Cleaning:


  • Single Carb - £28.00 inc deliveries.
  • Twin Carb - £36.00 inc deliveries.
  • Carbs (set of 3) - £46.00 inc deliveries.
  • Carbs (set of 4) - £57.00 inc deliveries. 


Individual Carburrettor strip down and rebuild charge is £25.00 (plus parts if needed)

Return Delivery charges included.



Vapour Blasting:


In short the vapour blasting process will render your non-ferrous items, such as aluminium, magnesium etc., blemish free and with a high quality satin finish. The process causes no damage or scouring to the material which means that gasket faces and bearing journals are left unscathed.


The primary stage of the process is to ensure that the items to be vapour blasted are completely free from traces of paint or grease as the slightest contamination can have adverse affect upon the process. If time is pressing, you lack the necessary cleaning equipment or itís just a case of not being confident of being able to clean the item to the required standard then we will provide this service for a small additional charge, depending upon the cleaning level required.


Thoroughly cleaned items are now ready for the main stage of the process and are vapour blasted. The action of vapour blasting uses small glass beads held in a suspension of water producing a mildly abrasive slurry. This slurry, within the safety of an enclosed tank, is then blasted over the item removing any oxidisation and surface blemishes, polishing the item leaving the high quality (and visually pleasing) satin finish.


Once happy that the vapour blasting process has produced the best result attainable for your item then the finishing stage is carried out. The item is thoroughly washed to remove and traces of debris or glass beads. Finally, after drying, an oxidation inhibitor (ACF 50) is applied to help prolong the enhanced appearance for an extended time period.


Just a reminder that this process is unsuitable for ferrous materials, please refer to our bead/shot blasting services for these items.



Single Cylinders:

  • Head
  • Barrel
  • Crankcases (each)
  • Clutch Cover
  • Generator Cover


Other Parts:

  • Carbs
  • Brake Caliper
  • Fork Yokes (pair)
  • Fork Bottoms (pair)
  • Wheel Hub
  • Mag Wheels


Twin Cylinders:

  • Head
  • Barrel
  • Crankcases (each)
  • Clutch Cover
  • Generator Cover


Complete Engines:

  • Single Cylinder
  • Twin Cylinder
  • Four Cylinders



We now also offer a less abrasive 'Soda Blasting Service' contact us for further information.



Other Services Available:


  • Complete engine strip, Casing cleaning & rebuild
  • Complete rebuilds
  • Servicing  
  • Diagnostics and repairs  
  • Dyno tuning & testing  
  • Re-mapping
  • Porting & polishing
  • Suspension maintenance
  • Race preparation
  • Road legalling
  • Re framing, any manufacturer or model
  • Engine tuning / carbs / cams / pistons and re homing bores
  • Tyre fitting service  
  • Decal design and fitting service
  • Powder coating
  • Gusset kit fitting
  • Welding



We look forward to serving you and showing you a different level of service than you have experienced before.


Ken Waring

Owner & Founder.

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